I’ve been to Tesco Metro today

I also went to the Post Office where a woman was upset about the air conditioning.  By being upset she caused a long queue which made others upset.  I was upset about something else I’d been thinking about in the queue that was likely linked to something in my childhood.  Jung’s collective unconcious at work.

First 5,000 words of “From Essex to London in 101 Boyfriends” is winging its way back to me from proof reader Andrew Bylo – I hope there weren’t too many errors ….


Back in London….. lots to report

“Can I take your photo?  The Wales driver didn’t want to be photographed”  The driver posed.

“He’s probably wanted by the police”

I was so excited to see the driver today that I forgot to check the delivery and the driver forgot to get out of the van the crate with all the fridge products.  No roast chicken tonight for us.  I rang the amazing customer services and spoke with Karen from Dundee and she gave me a £20 voucher towards a take away.  Karen was lovely and told me that once she didn’t check her delivery and pet flea spray leaked out onto all the shopping.  We agreed that the drivers are great and she told me she has fibromyalgia and I told her I had MS and we agreed that this was a fantastic service for disabled.

Roast chicken tomorrow instead, they are coming again between 2 and 3pm and won’t be charging the delivery fee.  This is a lesson, I need to focus more on the shopping than the delivery men otherwise this could happen again and again and Tesco may tell me to stop distracting me and them and my new blog will end abruptly and that would be a shame when I’m only just getting going.