This Tesco man has been here before, maybe I should begin collecting their names too…..

You may be thinking, ‘she’s got a lot of shopping today’ and yes we have got 4 kids to feed this weekend, but this familiar delivery man was delivering to other establishments.  My one isn’t coming until tomorrow morning between 8am and 9am.

I am taking the blog more seriously, there are no adverts, I didn’t realise there were in the first place until my husband enlightened me.  There is no such thing as a free lunch so I paid the £38 yearly fee to rid.  Then Ros Middleton, owner of #’ReviewbookshopPeckham (highly esteemed literary lady) wrote to me on facebook “Tesco blog is the funniest thing on the internet”, this too has allowed me to take more seriously and I may even begin asking them their names even though I can read them on their badges.  One day I might take a photo of the list, then I can be judged whether I have a drink problem or not.  I usually put the list straght in the recycling for fear that something’s been left off and I’m disappointed.


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