No Tesco delivery after this one for a while

I’m off tomorrow for Vit d but have scheduled some teasers on my book/blog

Apart from my faithful facebook/twitter friends, I never know who may read my work and I forget that I am facebook friends with my uncle, hi Uncle Peter!  I was speaking with him yesterday about celebrating his 90th birthday in March

‘I’ve been reading your stories’ he said

‘They are a bit raunchy Uncle Peter do you like them?’

‘They are hilarious’ he chuckled

‘It’s all fiction of course, it’s going to get worse, darker, deeper, raunchier’ I replied

‘Keep them coming’ he said

I value your support uncle Peter (as I do everyone who reads my art) and can’t wait to celebrate your birthday with you.  You are an inspiration always, especially re how you live and have lived with polio almost all of your life  ….  I seem to remember you have Sainsbury’s delivery but I might be wrong




#Tesco delivery man, meal deal’s and customer services

One is penalised if one buys the meal deal online and not all of the items are available. A jobs worth at customer services will tick you off as you didn’t go through the whole caboodle with the delivery man and send back the other 3 items (i.e. the incomplete meal deal stuff). This is discriminatory as if one were able to go in a Tesco it would be clear the items were unavailable therefore one wouldn’t be in the situation in the first place unless for example they were inebriated whilst shopping.  In my experience sometimes one will encounter a non jobsworth customer services person  who will apologize and refund immediately.  How different one’s experience of incomplete meal deals can be. This is  a poem I wrote when I went shopping once.

The Meal Deal

Can I have the cloudy apple juice?
Is that in it?
Can I have the rhubarb smoothie?
Is that in it?
Oh well, I’ll have the orange juice

Can I have the root vegetable crisps with beetroot in?
Are they in it?
Can I have the sweet chilli crisps?
Are they in it?
Ah, nevermind, I’ll have the cheese and onion



#MS, Vitamin D and Pets

I found this book  and shall read whilst away next week getting my Vit D …I’ve always believed Vit d was a key and would spend summers in the 1980’s/90’s on Pelekas nudist beach.  Arriving with symptoms, leaving with none.

I’ve joined a me too kind of facebook group for women with MS … tonight the group are posting photos of their pets, I only have access to my daughters gold fish that won’t die, the tank is murky but I hope the group like it.  I wonder if there is a status re women with MS and pets




TK Maxx, Multiple Sclerosis and going off the rail

There is no link to Ebay, this bikini is no longer for sale.  Being disabled with MS limits my clothes shopping offline, bikini’s are tricky to buy online.  Last year I endured Primark twice in Peckham, one visit to TK Maxx in New Cross and one trip to find Helen Mirren in Bromley.

This year I have just been to TK Maxx and was fortunate to find one size 8 bikini on the rack which I took the opportunity to purchase.  Blue, stripes and flowers aren’t usually my cup of tea but I think it looks great on.

Vitamin D is not far away ……. img_0838

#Rachel Pantechnicon and the #Bayeux Tapestry

I am extremely excited to announce that Rachel will be back on stage this year for a one off gig (just like U2) to celebrate Monsieur Macron’s decision to loan out the Bayeux tapestry.  For those who know Rachel they will remember how she holds secrets of the tapestry which can only be seen and heard in live performance.

Many of those performances were with myself, sometimes as a duo.  I am delighted that over a lunch today of baked sweet potato I sweetened her up for her to agree to perform again.  I shall be airing my show “Sex, Politics and Men with grey/white beards” whilst Rachel will be performing all her hits and more.  There will also be a prize for the best beard of the night.

For it’s enormity of beards, it is befitting that London’s first community run pub The #Ivyhouse, Nunhead will be hosting the event and there will be special guests to be advised over the coming months …

A date for the diary:   Tuesday June 26th  7.30pm.img_0813

At last, waiting for the Tesco Delivery Woman ….

I was delighted to get a call from Chenise, at first I thought she was calling from head office to tell me that the delivery man would be late but no, my first woman driver and I was ecstatic , she is tiny but strong and lovely and delivered everything on the list … a positive sign of change in this the year of the woman , 100 years since our right to vote of course …