No Tesco delivery after this one for a while

I’m off tomorrow for Vit d but have scheduled some teasers on my book/blog

Apart from my faithful facebook/twitter friends, I never know who may read my work and I forget that I am facebook friends with my uncle, hi Uncle Peter!  I was speaking with him yesterday about celebrating his 90th birthday in March

‘I’ve been reading your stories’ he said

‘They are a bit raunchy Uncle Peter do you like them?’

‘They are hilarious’ he chuckled

‘It’s all fiction of course, it’s going to get worse, darker, deeper, raunchier’ I replied

‘Keep them coming’ he said

I value your support uncle Peter (as I do everyone who reads my art) and can’t wait to celebrate your birthday with you.  You are an inspiration always, especially re how you live and have lived with polio almost all of your life  ….  I seem to remember you have Sainsbury’s delivery but I might be wrong




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