Tesco Delivery organised fours after landing at Gatwick

It was lovely to see Marco who was one of the first delivery men who I photographed last year, what a lovely welcome home.  Check out my tanned face and fluffy mules.

Since I have been out of the country Tesco have been advertising lots of meal deals for Valentines day.  I have an issue with this as if all the items don’t arrive you are charged the full price.  Pre-empting any disappointment, I rang customer services and spoke with Greg and he said not to worry, if they don’t all arrive he will refund me so effectively whatever happens I will get the equivalent of a free bottle of champagne I can enjoy with my husband.

Thumbs up to old uncle Tesco, he’s a bit removed but kind at heart, on some level and his delivery drivers are ace.

Look out for fromessextolondonin101boyfriends.com latest boyfriend coming tonight …


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