#Nunhead Art Trail this weekend

I’m very pleased to be displaying a display and performing in a random manor this weekend at the amazing artist Gill Day’s house which will be full of art, fun and performance.

Expect personal poems, songs and premonitions ….. Saturday and Sunday 12-6pm, 224 Ivydale Road SE15 3BU

#Rachel Pantechnicon and the #Bayeux Tapestry

I am extremely excited to announce that Rachel will be back on stage this year for a one off gig (just like U2) to celebrate Monsieur Macron’s decision to loan out the Bayeux tapestry.  For those who know Rachel they will remember how she holds secrets of the tapestry which can only be seen and heard in live performance.

Many of those performances were with myself, sometimes as a duo.  I am delighted that over a lunch today of baked sweet potato I sweetened her up for her to agree to perform again.  I shall be airing my show “Sex, Politics and Men with grey/white beards” whilst Rachel will be performing all her hits and more.  There will also be a prize for the best beard of the night.

For it’s enormity of beards, it is befitting that London’s first community run pub The #Ivyhouse, Nunhead will be hosting the event and there will be special guests to be advised over the coming months …

A date for the diary:   Tuesday June 26th  7.30pm.img_0813

The very lovely Felix #Tesco Delivery man and an exciting new blog post to celebrate the #Wombles, coming very soon ……

On Sunday, alongside the amazing #Jude Cowan Montague, #Shabsi Mann, #Matt Scott, #Caroline Kraabel and of course the one and only #Hugh Metcalf, I am performing my ‘In conversation with Garth Morton aka #Wellington Womble (the one that plays the violin)’ at the Klinker club #www.klinkerclub.com.  I shall also be singing other ditties like ‘The Bulimics Xmas Day Meal’ and ‘Trial without Catheter’.  As we are soon to celebrate the birth of our lord Jesus Christ, we shall be singing ‘The Dying Song’ together.  What a night.  img_0657Do join me if you are alive.

Waiting for #Tesco delivery man with concern

I am sensing a slight depression, Tesco delivery men don’t seem their usual selves.  I study Tesco prices with interest, most of the basic items I regularly buy have in the last few weeks risen as high as sometimes 10%.  Civil unrest is not far away.

I am going far away to Banbury Therapy Centre next Saturday to perform my new show “Sex, Politics and Men with grey/white beards”.  I was there last in December 2012, performing with Ruby Wax who has done extremely well in promoting mental health.  In the green room under the make up lights, I couldn’t take my eyes off her amazing smooth skin for a woman similar to my age.  Face lifts/Botox etc are extraordinary.  I met with another woman recently who said that HRT keeps her skin looking so young.  I do think about it but am grateful to have my husband who finds me attractive and I favour to look after myself from the inside out, keeping the internal organs working whilst keeping MS at bay.  Medication and  surgery can come at a different price.

If you are ever unhappy about how you look, check out this amazing Canadian man who I am proud to know and have worked with:

#David Roche:  Inspirational Humorist  http://www.davidroche.com

Without taking care of my face with surgery it would be way too late to get on TV,  but I don’t mind, because I have been on TV.  When the BBC news came to Peckham Library mother and baby group in 2000, talking about the compensation that had been offered to Damilola’s parents, I was interviewed and got on the news with the soundbite.  While breastfeeding I said “It’s not just about money, it’s about life”.  I am content with my historical TV presence, it is an important message.

(There is also the subliminal with film and TV e.g. when the film  “Let him have it” came out about Derek Bentley there were posters all over the underground.  Lots of my ex boyfriends got back in contact with me around this time.  It’s nice to be remembered.  Oops, this reminds me, I should be using my time editing my book ..)






#Tesco delivery done before the sky turned orange.. and it’s the Klinker club tomorrow night

img_0538At the weekend I stayed at my uncle Peter’s.  Uncle Peter has been disabled since 1946 when he contracted Polio.  On arrival I was pleased to find he had a new stair lift installed and sink moved in toilet to make mobility in and out of wheel chair easier.  We chatted about delivery men and how he uses Sainsbury and how good they are in Southampton.  We chatted about Brexit and education and he helped me respond to a ridiculous school email.

My uncle Peter suggested there should be a national competition for the prime minister who has been the most dangerous for our country in the last 40 years.  He suggested the prize should be an inverted statue erected in Paliament Square with a plaque with the name and ‘or everyone’ inscribed below.

Tomorrow night, Tuesday I am very excited to be performing at the #Klinker club, details at http://www.klinkerclub.com  Hugh Metcalf gave me one of my very first gigs there back in 2002.  It’s a gem of a club.  My uncle Peter would like it but he is like a fine red wine and doesn’t travel well.


Autumn colours going beautifully with #Tesco delivery mens attire

I’m off tonight to do a 50 minute new show written especially for The Guild of Psychotherapists, loosely based on ‘Sex, politics and men with grey/white beards’.

I am very excited , I was last there to see Andrew Samuels talk about his new book ‘A New Therapy For Politics ‘ .  He got a massive build up on introduction . I have asked for the same and written 1000 words about myself for the host to read out as I am very competitive.

Andrew Samuels sold his book for £20 but refused to sign it , I am selling mine for £5 and will sign anything to order.  It is a sixth of the size but a sixth of Mr Samuels book is references , therefore not his own work, making my book better value .

The time I was here before was in 2009 performing with the one and only Rachel Pantechnicon who has told me in a recent text to ‘mark her words’ in reference to her making a comeback ,  how exciting is that … 

#Tesco brought me Curly Fries while I was rehearsing for my show at the Guild of Psychotherapists this Saturday

#Tesco delivery man reminded me how to do a selfie and I did it all by myself.  I only wish I was more prepared for his arrival as I am make-up less (apart from the lipstick I quickly applied) and have more wrinkles around my eyes from 30 minutes of swimming goggle wearing.  I was engrossed in rehearsing for my show ‘Sex, politics and men with grey/white beards’ which I am performing as a fund-raiser for the reduced fee scheme at the Guild of Psychotherapists this Saturday.  The scheme is for people who need psychotherapy but can’t afford it privately and there is little psychotherapy on the NHS anymore and what there is has a waiting list of sometimes years.

I was with my psychotherapist in the 1990’s for 7 years on a reduced fee scheme.  A lot of that time I was unable to work because of MS but she still carried on seeing me when I could afford little.  With her I worked out the route and the psychosomatics of my MS, this has helped me manage life so I am able to appreciate the smaller things, like waiting for the #Tesco delivery man.

This #Tesco delivery man reminds me of the fabulous John Hegley who I have performed with many times, including in my Edinburgh Fringe swimming pool show where he happily fell out of the rubber dingey and got soaked.

With this delivery man I had a little chat about the #Tesco curly fries I bought.  I’ve never had them before but when I am shopping for 4 kids for the weekend I get bored and have to try these new things out.


Tesco Delivery Man Ronell and a gig tomorrow

There was no one else in so we did a selfie, I’ve never done one before and Ronell showed me how although I have forgotten already.  Ronell has been here lots of times but never been photographed.  He said he likes coming here because I am always happy.  I am not always happy but I am always happy when I see #Tesco delivery man (or in one case woman) drive up to the house.  We enjoyed a laugh together when we noticed that #Tesco packers had substituted a beetroot for an avocado.  All else was in order as usual with no bruised bananas.

In other news, tomorrow night (Tuesday 19th) I am doing a gig at #The Rosemary Branch Theatre, N1 3DT hosted by the #Two Pale Ladies.  I shall be onstage at 9.15pm for exactly 15 minutes, experimenting for my show on Saturday at #The Guild of Psychotherapists.

I am also experimenting with #hashtag