#Rachel Pantechnicon and the #Bayeux Tapestry

I am extremely excited to announce that Rachel will be back on stage this year for a one off gig (just like U2) to celebrate Monsieur Macron’s decision to loan out the Bayeux tapestry.  For those who know Rachel they will remember how she holds secrets of the tapestry which can only be seen and heard in live performance.

Many of those performances were with myself, sometimes as a duo.  I am delighted that over a lunch today of baked sweet potato I sweetened her up for her to agree to perform again.  I shall be airing my show “Sex, Politics and Men with grey/white beards” whilst Rachel will be performing all her hits and more.  There will also be a prize for the best beard of the night.

For it’s enormity of beards, it is befitting that London’s first community run pub The #Ivyhouse, Nunhead will be hosting the event and there will be special guests to be advised over the coming months …

A date for the diary:   Tuesday June 26th  7.30pm.img_0813

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