#Tesco brought me Curly Fries while I was rehearsing for my show at the Guild of Psychotherapists this Saturday

#Tesco delivery man reminded me how to do a selfie and I did it all by myself.  I only wish I was more prepared for his arrival as I am make-up less (apart from the lipstick I quickly applied) and have more wrinkles around my eyes from 30 minutes of swimming goggle wearing.  I was engrossed in rehearsing for my show ‘Sex, politics and men with grey/white beards’ which I am performing as a fund-raiser for the reduced fee scheme at the Guild of Psychotherapists this Saturday.  The scheme is for people who need psychotherapy but can’t afford it privately and there is little psychotherapy on the NHS anymore and what there is has a waiting list of sometimes years.

I was with my psychotherapist in the 1990’s for 7 years on a reduced fee scheme.  A lot of that time I was unable to work because of MS but she still carried on seeing me when I could afford little.  With her I worked out the route and the psychosomatics of my MS, this has helped me manage life so I am able to appreciate the smaller things, like waiting for the #Tesco delivery man.

This #Tesco delivery man reminds me of the fabulous John Hegley who I have performed with many times, including in my Edinburgh Fringe swimming pool show where he happily fell out of the rubber dingey and got soaked.

With this delivery man I had a little chat about the #Tesco curly fries I bought.  I’ve never had them before but when I am shopping for 4 kids for the weekend I get bored and have to try these new things out.


Tesco Delivery Man Ronell and a gig tomorrow

There was no one else in so we did a selfie, I’ve never done one before and Ronell showed me how although I have forgotten already.  Ronell has been here lots of times but never been photographed.  He said he likes coming here because I am always happy.  I am not always happy but I am always happy when I see #Tesco delivery man (or in one case woman) drive up to the house.  We enjoyed a laugh together when we noticed that #Tesco packers had substituted a beetroot for an avocado.  All else was in order as usual with no bruised bananas.

In other news, tomorrow night (Tuesday 19th) I am doing a gig at #The Rosemary Branch Theatre, N1 3DT hosted by the #Two Pale Ladies.  I shall be onstage at 9.15pm for exactly 15 minutes, experimenting for my show on Saturday at #The Guild of Psychotherapists.

I am also experimenting with #hashtag