Tesco Delivery Man Ronell and a gig tomorrow

There was no one else in so we did a selfie, I’ve never done one before and Ronell showed me how although I have forgotten already.  Ronell has been here lots of times but never been photographed.  He said he likes coming here because I am always happy.  I am not always happy but I am always happy when I see #Tesco delivery man (or in one case woman) drive up to the house.  We enjoyed a laugh together when we noticed that #Tesco packers had substituted a beetroot for an avocado.  All else was in order as usual with no bruised bananas.

In other news, tomorrow night (Tuesday 19th) I am doing a gig at #The Rosemary Branch Theatre, N1 3DT hosted by the #Two Pale Ladies.  I shall be onstage at 9.15pm for exactly 15 minutes, experimenting for my show on Saturday at #The Guild of Psychotherapists.

I am also experimenting with #hashtag


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