Looking for #Karen Millen

Yesterday I went to Bromley shopping centre.  Not because I wanted to, but because I had to go to the Apple shop to sort out why no one can hear me properly through my iPhone 5s, when I can hear them perfectly.

This was the first time I’ve been to Bromley on my own and I’d sussed out it’s accessibility with my husband earlier in the year.  In fact I was feeling so confident that he’d suggested I go to Karen Millen and see if there was anything I would like for my Xmas present, he said her stuff was good quality, expensive, but there might be a sale on.  He knows about these things and I want to look nice for us.

When I came home, despite the phone working fine in the shop, it failed to work again.  I figure that this a sign.  My voice not ready to be listened to just yet.

“Did you buy anything for yourself?” my husband asked.

“No babe,  I asked lots of people where it was but they just looked at me like they’d read one of my books.  Are you sure there’s a Helen Mirren in Bromley?”

To be continued  tomorrow ……….img_0620

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