#Amazon men stepping in, is it that #Tesco delivery men have been told they are not allowed to pose for photos?

img_0628It’s been over a week now and the last two Tesco delivery men wouldn’t have their photo taken with or without me.  I am wondering whether they have been told by their manager not to engage with me, has word got out?  Only time will tell, but in the mean time, I’ve been talking with other delivery men about their terms and conditions and am wondering if this is why Tesco don’t want me to get too friendly with their men?  All this could be my fantasy as I may find that this is just co incidence, however, if it happens again I shall email the CEO of Tesco to find out.

Other delivery men are proving equally as friendly and endeavour to get things delivered as best they can.  I can’t walk round shops so sadly Amazon (e.g.) provides a good service, especially when I need tights.

As I am in a lot, I regularly take parcels for neighbours too, I am always happy to listen to anyone that comes to the door.  When I was 21, I was told I was a good listener and became a Samaritan volunteer, the youngest in New Cross at the time, often more suicidal than the callers.  All delivery men need an ear sometimes, they have a tough job, and road rage is ever-increasing, I hear the tooting and tooting all day.

If I knew how to airbrush and do things with this photo I would colour in my top, do my hair and put make-up on.  I thought the man on the left looked like my husband but he said it looked nothing like him and wondered whether I really knew what he looked like.  I’m not a visionary person.  I’d been seeing my therapist for nearly 6 years and someone asked me what she looked like, whether she wore glasses.  I really couldn’t tell them anything apart from the fact she was always there and was kind.



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