Tesco delivery man and my friend

I was very excited that Tesco delivery man came when I had a visitor – the one and only Julie Andrew’s – in the photo she is holding a pack of 4 Simple soap.   These days many use liquid soap, but I enjoy seeing how long I can continue using the thin piece of soap left at the end, I rub it on myself until it disintegrates, great pleasure.

I love having visitors, this is why I love the #Tesco delivery men because they are so regular and don’t ever out stay their welcome.  Julie is so funny she would never out stay her welcome.  I paid her to buy the kindle version of my book and she has written a ‘verified customer’ five star review of my latest book Mind Full of Mad Verse.  She has said something like – it is so funny you need Tena Lady Pants.

Talking of which, do please sign up to my blog fromessextolondonin101boyfriends.com

I’ve just done a new entry about moped Mike but he doesn’t enter, he wasn’t a boyfriend, it’s just a teaser for the men in cars section of the book.img_0984


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