#Grandad #WW1 #roll-ups and a #bullet

My First Cigarette

The Great War for Civilization
A bullet ricochets off the tobacco tin covering his heart, into his shoulder
Saves his life – cliché but true
I am 9 years old and the corner shop won’t sell me fags and the machines are empty of 10 soverign filter, no 6 and Piccadilly with the sixpence cello taped on the packet
I take out one of the pre rolled cigarettes from the 1914 Ligget and Myers tobacco tin
Parched, it burns up quickly
A bit falls off and leaves a hole in my brownie uniform
Jenny Morris comes round for tea and we smoke one together
Kevin Bottomley from next door has another

Forty years later there are 6 pre rolled cigarettes left in the Liggett and Myers tobacco tin
I am not giving this to the Imperial War museum as suggested. It is useful for my anxiety to know that they are there if I need one.

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