The Fear of God and Blog and Tesco Delivery Men

I wondered that despite the wonderful Tesco delivery men being very happy about being photographed for my online blog , my son has enlightened me that there is a possibility ,  further down the line , that one may change his or her mind and take me to court and argue that I didn’t ask them for their photo even though I did, because I only signed the Tesco form , they didn’t sign a form of consent.

As I am a writer , and not one for forms  (I really don’t like forms, I fucking hate forms , especially when  they are to do with mental health) and I’m not indeed a photographer , I have decided  to rule out this very ridiculous anxiety/fantasy by ceasing photography, despite it being a big part of my enjoyment. I can still write about what they’ve said to me , but they will be anonymous ….  No one will know whether the blog will be fictional or reality …

I’ll see how I get on , I’m coming off photography  , trouble is ,  now I know I’m coming off I want to photograph them even more , there’s one coming tomorrow and I’m already getting twitchy,  and the Amazon man is coming later … I might start on them as a methadone ..

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