Today’s #Tesco delivery man caught me wearing socks and sandals…

I received a tweet from Tesco about my Autumnal Tesco delivery man, they tweeted that he was looking exquisitely seasonal and included an emoji of some nuts, not the sort of nuts you buy in Tesco, more like odd shape conkers.  I replied with ‘Tesco delivery men are the best for every season’.  This could be evidence that hashtag works.

‘Hello Mr and Mrs Tesco and all your little Tesco’s.  I hope you give your delivery men (and woman) the appreciation they deserve, and the packers and the telephone staff who succumb to refunds when the delivery men (woman) get stuck in traffic.’

Daisy came in after today’s delivery and told me that for cookery classes she needed mozzarella cheese, a tin of sweetcorn and some parmesan for making pizza.  We had none in our order or in the fridge so off she’s gone to #Tesco metro, our nearest shop to buy her ingredients.

My friend told me today that the younger generation make fun out of the older generation for their misuse of hashtagging.  I really want to get this right and am contemplating going on a hashtagging course, it probably comes under the twitter course at #CityLit which is where I did the blogging course, which is why I am sat here now.

I really like the pink tippy toes on my socks, reminds me of Freud and my life’s work and interest in psychoanalysis.


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