No #Tesco delivery man today , too busy being a victim of cyber attack

All I have to show are old bananas and a not so chilled Liz Bentley waiting in for new bank cards and a call from the computer hospital .

Fraud line (via met police) were kind and gave out some good advice, a bit on the cbt side ie  “go to the doctors and get something to help you sleep” subtext ,’ I don’t know how to stop you crying’  and, “an old disabled woman I spoke with yesterday had £54,000 stolen”  subtext ‘think yourself lucky, there  are people far worse off than you’ , but in that moment I linked myself to that old disabled woman,  it’s the violation and abuse that sits uncomfortably , and now I’ve cried I’m angry for the loss of time and faith.

(warning – I was scammed by a bogus antivirus company who were mimmicking AVG (and an AVG technical 0800 support number)  I had been using  and trusting  for years .  Computer is having a serious expensive  4 hour operation …)

While I wait for no Tesco Delivery man I find myself analysing why my technical life is such a mess and yet the rest of my life is fairly ordered, I’m wondering whether it is linked partly to the hidden trauma of being born with a hole in my heart , then diagnosis of ms soon after it closed … I dreamt I was a baby again  on one of those old X-ray machines (they’ve  got 2 in the Wellcome museum )  being stretched like that 1950’s children’s character ‘Twizzle’ my father read us at bedtime . He scared me too. There’s one on eBay for £99 , Twizzle book not my deceased father of course.

This  incident wasn’t my fault , I was set up and rang a bogus number.  but I have learned I need to take more care of machines ,  nurture them  , and get them a well man check regularly .

My computer is a man

It’s  very yan

Just like the Tesco delivery man

There’s still only been one woman

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