My first #Tesco delivery man who has been snapped twice

img_0526After a mare of a week (re last blog) I was delighted to get back online and back into the normality of grocery shopping.  What a lovely surprise when Marco arrived with our delivery.  Marco was last here on 6th August and was very happy to pose for me in front of the asparagus #Tesco logo.  (I would like to reassure #Tesco again that these shoots take up very little time but bring a lot of pleasure to many people.)

I have now sent ‘From Essex to London in 101 boyfriends’ to a second literary agent, so far one rejection (or rather one none response).

Re 101 boyfriends.  Of course, now I am married I have no more interested in any more boyfriends (my husband is right now building a shed for the patio, too small for him to escape, he goes fishing for that)  but I still like counting.  When I was a child I used to count the paving slabs on the way to Sunday school.  Boyfriend no two is called The Sunday School Teacher.  It is befitting that with each rejection and with each delivery man I remember each boyfriend I have written about.

2 down 99 to go


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