#Tesco delivery man large enough to contain my madness on Mental Health Day. I bought nutella as a celebratory treat.

img_0530Oh what a busy day being mad with the madness that surrounds us but as usual, #Tesco delivery man came to the rescue to cheer me up.  More than I can say for QS supplies delivery man who delivered me a toilet.  He was very rude when I was just being nice, but his previous customer was rude to him and so it goes on.  There is no one here to blame, the deliveries were to come last Friday and customers are angry, delivery man is angry because he’s probably paid 0 hours contract and told me he had to pay for any wooden pallets he took back, he asked for £5 but I took them with my friend/handy man to Southwark recycling and they were really nice and I hadn’t been there before so it was really exciting and it didn’t cost me anything, just wanted to see proof of council tax and I got to see what’s called in the trade as ‘Hardcore Waste’.  The refuse man was alarmed at my over excitement and said:

“You don’t get out much”

“I don’t ” I said





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