Today I had the boiler man and the Tesco delivery man, but unusually Tesco man didn’t want to be photographed so he gave me a free sample of Naked Noodles to compensate.

img_0586Half term and the time to be domestic.  I have made a casserole for the family and a friend.  I have made casseroles before but never been brave enough to put dumplings on.  Today Tesco delivery man brought me Auntie Bessie frozen dumplings, full of shite I’m sure, but if they work, I may have the confidence and feel it worthwhile to make my own at a date in the future.

I have never been confident in the kitchen and this is picked up apon as I leave myself vulnerable for cooking attack, i.e. as serving up saying things like “It’s not very good”, “I don’t think it’s supposed to be like this” etc.  Of course this instantly puts doubt into my consumers who are likely to respond with comments such as “Hmm, it’s okay” or “Pass the ketchup”.

I don’t eat meat, non of us eat meat much, this was supposed to be the family half term treat but unfortunately Tesco didn’t have organic beef and they sent me the Boswell Farm shite, half the price but not good.  I’m hoping my meat eaters won’t know as the meat will be disguised with all sorts of other lovely ingredients and dumplings bobbing up and down as I serve.  Assuming that’s what dumplings do when one serves them, I will see.

If it all goes horribly wrong all is not lost, we can boil up the Naked Noodles.


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