#Tesco delivery on a Saturday with my husband in the background

img_0593The weekend can’t get much better,  Tesco delivery man bang on time and especially pleased to have his photo taken, in fact he said “I’ve been here lots of times and you’ve never asked me before.”  I explained that I have only been writing my blog for two months so his last visit must have been over two months ago.  We agreed how time flies.

It is lovely to have my husband around, doing domestic things on his computer in the background and thanks to Daisy for the photo and my son for the football noise coming from the TV in the background.  It all sounds so exciting.  I went to see Millwall play a few times in the 90s when I lived on the new Bonamy estate, it was much more pleasant to join in the fun than be cross with the kerfuffle it caused the neighbourhood.  I have been caught short many a time in my life so can excuse the occasional piss in the street.  Once I had to go in the middle of Tower Bridge and discreetly peed down the crack.


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