A happier Tesco delivery man today bringing my special jar of pickled walnuts for Xmas

img_0647Now I’ve got my pickled walnuts for Xmas I can get on with the rest of my Xmas shopping.  It’s important to put your gas mask on first, then you can help others put on theirs.

This Tesco delivery man is very happy that we might have snow, his little boys love the snow.  How wonderfully different we all are, here I am, enjoying the talk about snow when I hate it.  I don’t like Xmas either, apart from observing others enjoy it.

When I was a child, we had our presents at 3pm when Dad put our tree lights on.  I’ve always been good at saving up things, delayed gratification, one of my specialities.  Those pickled walnuts are likely to remain unopened until boxing day.  Unless my husband finds them when I’m out one day, then I might have to buy some more, and Tesco might have run out.

When I was a child we had a walnut tree in the garden and mum would pickle the green ones.  There were jars of 1996 pickled walnuts in the back bedroom of my parents house when we cleared it, 20 years on and they still tasted good.

(That green thing at the bottom of the photo is one of the kitchen chairs, not a very large courgette)

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