Blog Flog Book while fantasizing about photographing Tesco Delivery Men

An old friend from school (not one of my 101 boyfriends, although he said he would have liked to have been) discovered my last book while looking up another Essex author and bought it online and has reviewed it on Amazon ….  if you haven’t got it, it makes a great book for Christmas stocking fillers or birthday strap-ons.  Yes, one needs to start thinking about Christmas, I’m sorry but one does… Christmas, Christmas, Christmas ……

Mind Full of Mad Verse – Liz Bentley  (Chipmunka or Amazon or ebay)



The Fear of God and Blog and Tesco Delivery Men

I wondered that despite the wonderful Tesco delivery men being very happy about being photographed for my online blog , my son has enlightened me that there is a possibility ,  further down the line , that one may change his or her mind and take me to court and argue that I didn’t ask them for their photo even though I did, because I only signed the Tesco form , they didn’t sign a form of consent.

As I am a writer , and not one for forms  (I really don’t like forms, I fucking hate forms , especially when  they are to do with mental health) and I’m not indeed a photographer , I have decided  to rule out this very ridiculous anxiety/fantasy by ceasing photography, despite it being a big part of my enjoyment. I can still write about what they’ve said to me , but they will be anonymous ….  No one will know whether the blog will be fictional or reality …

I’ll see how I get on , I’m coming off photography  , trouble is ,  now I know I’m coming off I want to photograph them even more , there’s one coming tomorrow and I’m already getting twitchy,  and the Amazon man is coming later … I might start on them as a methadone ..

It’s Tesco Time.. celebrating my 30th year with MS

M – multiple, S – sclerosis, multiple excessive resistance to change

Clearly why I don’t use other supermarkets like Sainsbury or Ocado, but Tesco force me into change by almost always sending me a different delivery driver, and they are so often lovely and helpful, how could I possibly change?  Is this resistance or acceptance of change?  The mind/body phenomena.


This Tesco man has been here before, maybe I should begin collecting their names too…..

You may be thinking, ‘she’s got a lot of shopping today’ and yes we have got 4 kids to feed this weekend, but this familiar delivery man was delivering to other establishments.  My one isn’t coming until tomorrow morning between 8am and 9am.

I am taking the blog more seriously, there are no adverts, I didn’t realise there were in the first place until my husband enlightened me.  There is no such thing as a free lunch so I paid the £38 yearly fee to rid.  Then Ros Middleton, owner of #’ReviewbookshopPeckham (highly esteemed literary lady) wrote to me on facebook “Tesco blog is the funniest thing on the internet”, this too has allowed me to take more seriously and I may even begin asking them their names even though I can read them on their badges.  One day I might take a photo of the list, then I can be judged whether I have a drink problem or not.  I usually put the list straght in the recycling for fear that something’s been left off and I’m disappointed.


September Tesco Delivery men

Each time I get a delivery I will send my synopsis and first pages “From Essex to London in 101 Boyfriends” to a literary agent.  I am likely to find the right agent when I reach 101.   I start tomorrow when the next delivery man comes ….


…. Tesco arrived unexpectedly very late with missing items

I’ve cancelled tomorrow’s now – they came unexpected while we were watching Morvern Callar film on BFI, from the book by Alan Warner, my amazing Arvon tutor …..  because we paused the film to chat with the Delivery men it’s stopped working so have only watched half of the film – book is better though.

The delivery men agreed with the last London one that the Welsh driver was probably on the run …


Back in London….. lots to report

“Can I take your photo?  The Wales driver didn’t want to be photographed”  The driver posed.

“He’s probably wanted by the police”

I was so excited to see the driver today that I forgot to check the delivery and the driver forgot to get out of the van the crate with all the fridge products.  No roast chicken tonight for us.  I rang the amazing customer services and spoke with Karen from Dundee and she gave me a £20 voucher towards a take away.  Karen was lovely and told me that once she didn’t check her delivery and pet flea spray leaked out onto all the shopping.  We agreed that the drivers are great and she told me she has fibromyalgia and I told her I had MS and we agreed that this was a fantastic service for disabled.

Roast chicken tomorrow instead, they are coming again between 2 and 3pm and won’t be charging the delivery fee.  This is a lesson, I need to focus more on the shopping than the delivery men otherwise this could happen again and again and Tesco may tell me to stop distracting me and them and my new blog will end abruptly and that would be a shame when I’m only just getting going.