#Tesco delivery man, meal deal’s and customer services

One is penalised if one buys the meal deal online and not all of the items are available. A jobs worth at customer services will tick you off as you didn’t go through the whole caboodle with the delivery man and send back the other 3 items (i.e. the incomplete meal deal stuff). This is discriminatory as if one were able to go in a Tesco it would be clear the items were unavailable therefore one wouldn’t be in the situation in the first place unless for example they were inebriated whilst shopping.  In my experience sometimes one will encounter a non jobsworth customer services person  who will apologize and refund immediately.  How different one’s experience of incomplete meal deals can be. This is  a poem I wrote when I went shopping once.

The Meal Deal

Can I have the cloudy apple juice?
Is that in it?
Can I have the rhubarb smoothie?
Is that in it?
Oh well, I’ll have the orange juice

Can I have the root vegetable crisps with beetroot in?
Are they in it?
Can I have the sweet chilli crisps?
Are they in it?
Ah, nevermind, I’ll have the cheese and onion



#MS, Vitamin D and Pets

I found this book  and shall read whilst away next week getting my Vit D …I’ve always believed Vit d was a key and would spend summers in the 1980’s/90’s on Pelekas nudist beach.  Arriving with symptoms, leaving with none.

I’ve joined a me too kind of facebook group for women with MS … tonight the group are posting photos of their pets, I only have access to my daughters gold fish that won’t die, the tank is murky but I hope the group like it.  I wonder if there is a status re women with MS and pets




TK Maxx, Multiple Sclerosis and going off the rail

There is no link to Ebay, this bikini is no longer for sale.  Being disabled with MS limits my clothes shopping offline, bikini’s are tricky to buy online.  Last year I endured Primark twice in Peckham, one visit to TK Maxx in New Cross and one trip to find Helen Mirren in Bromley.

This year I have just been to TK Maxx and was fortunate to find one size 8 bikini on the rack which I took the opportunity to purchase.  Blue, stripes and flowers aren’t usually my cup of tea but I think it looks great on.

Vitamin D is not far away ……. img_0838

Liz Bentley wishing you a merry Xmas, sparing a thought for Joseph and diving into the pickled walnuts

img_0730How exciting, it’s Xmas eve and my delayed gratification self on this occasion has allowed me to open the pickled walnuts before our Lord Jesus was born.

Whilst chomping on the nut/vinegar delicacies my heart goes out to Joseph, a man who did all the husbandry things, carpentry and stuff and yet his child who is continually celebrated did not come from his sperm.

This montage is designed to give Joseph a voice, a voice that is not often heard.  You can see by his face from the beautifully photographed Women’s Weekly 1984 special edition Xmas plate that he is concerned, troubled.

Whilst wishing all my blog readers a special Xmas and thanks for supporting my blog, I would like to share a thought and prayer to Joseph and all the other Joseph’s out there, everyone who is searching for a sense of home, a real home, people who are starving, people who are being tortured and abused, alcoholics, drug addicts, bulimics and all who struggle at Xmas time.

I wish you a merry Xmas and let’s throw up some figgy pudding

Liz Bentley      XXXXX



Trigger happy online #Tesco

img_0653After the excitement of the pickled walnuts I became a bit trigger happy on my last order and received 3 packets of 32 instead of 2 packets which were 2 for £2.70, instead of 1 for £3.32.   I may not need 3 in my lifetime unless I pass onto my daughters so gave one packet back to Dwayne to refund.

Of course there is much controversy on tax on these products.  Dwayne is currently my most favourite Tesco Delivery man.


A happier Tesco delivery man today bringing my special jar of pickled walnuts for Xmas

img_0647Now I’ve got my pickled walnuts for Xmas I can get on with the rest of my Xmas shopping.  It’s important to put your gas mask on first, then you can help others put on theirs.

This Tesco delivery man is very happy that we might have snow, his little boys love the snow.  How wonderfully different we all are, here I am, enjoying the talk about snow when I hate it.  I don’t like Xmas either, apart from observing others enjoy it.

When I was a child, we had our presents at 3pm when Dad put our tree lights on.  I’ve always been good at saving up things, delayed gratification, one of my specialities.  Those pickled walnuts are likely to remain unopened until boxing day.  Unless my husband finds them when I’m out one day, then I might have to buy some more, and Tesco might have run out.

When I was a child we had a walnut tree in the garden and mum would pickle the green ones.  There were jars of 1996 pickled walnuts in the back bedroom of my parents house when we cleared it, 20 years on and they still tasted good.

(That green thing at the bottom of the photo is one of the kitchen chairs, not a very large courgette)

Waiting for #Tesco delivery man with concern

I am sensing a slight depression, Tesco delivery men don’t seem their usual selves.  I study Tesco prices with interest, most of the basic items I regularly buy have in the last few weeks risen as high as sometimes 10%.  Civil unrest is not far away.

I am going far away to Banbury Therapy Centre next Saturday to perform my new show “Sex, Politics and Men with grey/white beards”.  I was there last in December 2012, performing with Ruby Wax who has done extremely well in promoting mental health.  In the green room under the make up lights, I couldn’t take my eyes off her amazing smooth skin for a woman similar to my age.  Face lifts/Botox etc are extraordinary.  I met with another woman recently who said that HRT keeps her skin looking so young.  I do think about it but am grateful to have my husband who finds me attractive and I favour to look after myself from the inside out, keeping the internal organs working whilst keeping MS at bay.  Medication and  surgery can come at a different price.

If you are ever unhappy about how you look, check out this amazing Canadian man who I am proud to know and have worked with:

#David Roche:  Inspirational Humorist  http://www.davidroche.com

Without taking care of my face with surgery it would be way too late to get on TV,  but I don’t mind, because I have been on TV.  When the BBC news came to Peckham Library mother and baby group in 2000, talking about the compensation that had been offered to Damilola’s parents, I was interviewed and got on the news with the soundbite.  While breastfeeding I said “It’s not just about money, it’s about life”.  I am content with my historical TV presence, it is an important message.

(There is also the subliminal with film and TV e.g. when the film  “Let him have it” came out about Derek Bentley there were posters all over the underground.  Lots of my ex boyfriends got back in contact with me around this time.  It’s nice to be remembered.  Oops, this reminds me, I should be using my time editing my book ..)






#Amazon men stepping in, is it that #Tesco delivery men have been told they are not allowed to pose for photos?

img_0628It’s been over a week now and the last two Tesco delivery men wouldn’t have their photo taken with or without me.  I am wondering whether they have been told by their manager not to engage with me, has word got out?  Only time will tell, but in the mean time, I’ve been talking with other delivery men about their terms and conditions and am wondering if this is why Tesco don’t want me to get too friendly with their men?  All this could be my fantasy as I may find that this is just co incidence, however, if it happens again I shall email the CEO of Tesco to find out.

Other delivery men are proving equally as friendly and endeavour to get things delivered as best they can.  I can’t walk round shops so sadly Amazon (e.g.) provides a good service, especially when I need tights.

As I am in a lot, I regularly take parcels for neighbours too, I am always happy to listen to anyone that comes to the door.  When I was 21, I was told I was a good listener and became a Samaritan volunteer, the youngest in New Cross at the time, often more suicidal than the callers.  All delivery men need an ear sometimes, they have a tough job, and road rage is ever-increasing, I hear the tooting and tooting all day.

If I knew how to airbrush and do things with this photo I would colour in my top, do my hair and put make-up on.  I thought the man on the left looked like my husband but he said it looked nothing like him and wondered whether I really knew what he looked like.  I’m not a visionary person.  I’d been seeing my therapist for nearly 6 years and someone asked me what she looked like, whether she wore glasses.  I really couldn’t tell them anything apart from the fact she was always there and was kind.