Liz Bentley Delivery Woman – just keep on going

Two white women read from a book whilst smiling
 Rosie’s ‘The Breakup Monologues’

Rosie Wilby’s book launch ‘The Break-up Monologues’.

Quote: “Statistically speaking lesbians go through more break-ups in a lifetime than anyone else.” And Liz Bentley I’m only 2 per cent lesbian.

My blog ‘From Essex to London in 101 boyfriends’ reveals 101 break-ups. Maybe that’s why Rosie and I have gotten on so well. We have followed a similar path down the relationship roller-coaster and rabbit holes. Her and her partner Suzanne are soon to be married. I married my 101th boyfriend nearly five years ago. We’ve done alright in the end.

I met Rosie at a gig nearly twenty years ago. It was organised by a disability arts group I was involved with. The gig featured Mat Fraser, Rachel Pantechnicon and myself. While Rosie was getting her ticket she was asked if she had a disability i.e. was she entitled to a concessionary ticket?

“Don’t worry, depression counts.” Said the person on the door.

Rosie tells this story on stage. We have experienced many a gig together all over the UK. She got on board, literally, when I took over the Edinburgh Fringe’s only swimming pool venue. We rehearsed in Camberwell swimming pool and she became a dedicated member of my synchronized swimming team which included her investment in a Primark red and white polka dot bikini.

We have performed together questioning sex and relationships on all fronts. Her book ‘Is Monogamy Dead?’ sparked research where no stone was unturned on the sex front.

It was only right that I invited Rosie to perform and read from her new book at my first post lockdown Perverse Verse celebrating International Masturbation Day.

I call Rosie a ‘proper’ writer. I know how hard she works. She is an inspiration. Our lives are very different and whilst working as a psychotherapist it is hard to find the time for my writing.

Last October Rosie agreed to be my writing mentor. We have been working together bi-monthly on framing my blog/book ‘From Essex to London in 101 Boyfriends’ into something that is more ‘proper-like’. Rosie is helping me with grammar, structure and inspiring me to just keep going.

It is working. Slowly but surely. Since we have been working together I have been shortlisted for the Creative Future mentoring competition and long-listed (in the top 90 of over 1000 entries) for the Spread the Word memoir competition.

Always the bridesmaid heh? Perhaps like my 101 Boyfriends. I have to wait. I had to keep on keeping on to find the right man. It’s the same for my writing. Keep on keeping on. Sometimes it’s really hard and I get down about it.

Thanks to Rosie and all who help and read my blogs and comment and like etc. It keeps me going. Thanks also to everyone who supported Perverse Verse last week. What a night!

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